These are the rules we implemented in our game. We tried to stick as close as possible to the rules presented in Brunner's novel, but unfortunately these are not very specific and do not cover all possible situations.
Blue highlighted values can be modified in the game setup.


The board is rectangular and consists of 101 × 71 Points.

Players and colors

The players use the colors red and blue.

The colors are assigned randomly. The red player starts.


Players move alternately.

A turn consists of the following two halfturns:

  1. Claim an unconcealed point.
  2. Claim a concealed point or an (unconcealed) triangle.

Claiming a point

The point to be claimed may neither conincide with a claimed, unconcealed point nor lie inside a claimed triangle. (This applies to concealed and unconcealed points alike.)

Claiming a triangle

Triangles may not be claimed in the first 10 turns. (By then both players have claimed five points.)

Claiming a triangle is done in the following steps:

  1. The player announces his intent to claim a triangle.
  2. The opponent uncovers all his concealed points.
  3. The player either
    • chooses three points, defining a valid triangle, or
    • cancels the claiming of a triangle and uncovers all his concealed points.


The vertices of the triangle must be claimed, unconcealed points of this player.

The vertices must have a minimum distance of 2 units to each other.

The points of the opponent may not lie inside the triangle or on horizontal or vertical edges of the triangle.

Please note that by the time a player claims a triangle all of the opponent's points are unconcealed points.

The points inside the triangle (and on horizontal or vertical edges) may not coincide with such points of any previously claimed triangle.

This only applies to lattice points. Triangles may intersect outside of lattice points.


The number of lattice points inside a triangle (again including points on horizontal and vertical edges, but not including the three vertices) adds to the score of the player.

The player, who is first to achieve an advantage of 100 points over his opponent, wins.

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